Borderline Quarter Horses
1996  AQHA  Chestnut  Mare
Dam:    Flashy Keeper, by Keep The Fire
"Kelsey" is a nice, big (16H), flashy mare.  
She is a deep-bodied mare, with a
gorgeous head.  She has excellent
bloodlines, going back to Sonny Dee Bar
and Robert Redford.  She is one of our
babies that we raised. She always throws us
a really nice baby. This year she got almost
black in the summer!
Sold to Minnesota!
1995  AQHA  Chestnut Mare
Sire:    Dahler, by Hayden Wand
Dam:    Two Two Eye, by Two Eyed Beaver
Here is a chance to own a really well-bred mare,
cheap!  "Sammie" is a well put-together mare with
lots of muscles.  She's a nice, quiet mare.   She's  
what you're looking for in a mare....a head like a
model and a butt like a cook!  She's easy to
handle, breed and foal out. Sammie is a
color and dun producer!
 Her babies all have
had great builds and lots of athletic ability. She
has Two Eyed Jack, Skip A Deuce and The Flying
Saint on her papers.  
Sold to Minnesota!
1996  AQHA Gray Mare
Sire:    Romans Royal Tee, by How D Roman
Dam:    Ms Ginger County, by Hazard County
"Greta" is a pretty, gray mare with a lot of body.  She is
really sweet, with a good disposition.  She is broke and
been on some trail rides, including one overnighter.  She's
very easy to handle, easy to saddle, trailer and good with
her feet.  She's very friendly and is easy to catch. She's
not a bossy mare, and is on the lower end of the pole.
She's a good mom and is easy to breed, foal out and
vet-check.  She will be left open this year so that we can
ride her. She is out of the stallion Romans Royal Tee and
double-bred Tuffernhel on the bottom.  
Sold to Minnesota!
Thanks Sasha!