Borderline Quarter Horses
Site updated on January 26, 2021
Welcome to Borderline Quarter
Horses!  We are located on the MN/SD
border on the South Dakota side.  We
take pride in our horses and hopefully it
shows!  We believe in raising good
looking horses that ride.  Our horses
are very athletic with a wonderful
attitude.  Our babies have gone in all 4
directions of the United States and to 3
different countries!  They are doing
everything from the show ring, rodeo
arena, pleasure riding, mounted
shooting, handicapped events and the
breeding shed.
Take your time and look around.  If you
see someone you're interested in and
he/she is not listed for sale, please let me
know. We are trying to downsize since we
don't seem to have as much time as we
used too, so anything might be for sale!

Click on any picture to go to their pedigree.
Duane and Teresa Olson
48622 198th st
Hendricks, MN  56136
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Our motto has always been "Quality, not Quantity!"
The versatility of our babies! These
are just 2 of the many events this
young lady showed her in!
Check out the 2020 Foals page to see the
babies! Love the different shades!
Check out our different shades of babies
on the
Foals page!