In Memory of My Beloved
           My time shared with her                 
April 13, 1980 (she was five) - August, 1994
They say for every person there is one
great horse and one great dog in their life.
The great dog in my life is living with us
now.  She's a little black and white mix
that goes by the name of Brandy.  We
always tell everybody that she's the
smartest one in the house, because she
often knows things way before we do!  
She knows about a dozen tricks
AND the
english language!  It's amazing how much
she understands!  I'm so happy to be
blessed with her!
The greatest horse in my life was a little
14.1h grey arabian.  She came into my
life while I was still in high school and she
taught me so much.   She was my Black
Beauty!  She was born at a nice breeding
facility and then went to a "person" who
was going to show her.   He didn't pay his
bill and she was taken from him.  
Shatze on our first day!
She was taught to ride and drive.  She
had a baby at this place, which was kept
on her all winter. (While she was pulling a
hay wagon to feed the cows!).  
Then she came to me, skinny and
neglected, but full of heart.  She was only
5, but she looked 15.  She was my family's
horse.  Everybody contributed something.  
 She was an amazing horse!
Riding at the Badlands in South Dakota.
When she passed away in August, 1994, I
think she had literally done it all!  She was
broke when I bought her, but she didn't
cross water, know leads, she just knew the
basics.   I didn't know a lot either, so we
taught each other!  She had the love, trust
and patience to put up with me when I
thought I knew more than I did!  She was a
great trail horse, NOTHING stopped her!  
She loved to jump and we once jumped a
course of 5 jumps with no bridle, saddle,
rope around the neck or nothing! Just legs,
mane and the love of each other.
Riding at the Fort Sisseton Historical Festival
held at Fort Sisseton, South Dakota.
Before she died, this great horse did
dressage, roped cows, cut cattle, parades,
jumped, raced (beating horses 6 inches
bigger than her!) and was a great kids
horse.  Letting kids as young as 2 ride by
themselves (with people ready to steady
the kids if necessary!)
Riding in the Mini Olympics by Sioux Falls, SD.
I love my other horses, but I will never have
another horse like her!  She was a gift from
heaven!  She meant so much to me, that I
can't begin to explain.  I will always miss
her.  I thank God for the time he gave us
together.   She will never be forgotten and
will be waiting at the gates when I get there.
 For one more ride, just to see what's over
the hill!
Trail riding in the Black Hills of South Dakota!
(German for Little Sweetheart!)
Sadly, we lost Brandy to
stomach cancer. What a
terrible, sad time that was.
     My time shared with her             
 May 25,1997 - February 9, 2010